for violin (2022)

The circle has a special symbolic value in the rituals of various originary cultures from different parts of the world: in Paraguay we find it, for example, in the Areté Guasu of the Guaraníes, or in the Debylyby of the Yshir. Ten thousand kilometers away, the same geometrical shape identifies various pagan rituals on the European continent.

In Guaraní, the term «apu’a» means “circle” or “sphere”, while «pu» is “song” or “sound”. When I realized the affinity between these words, several questions arose in me, almost as if there were a secret message inscribed in it does the sound generate the circle? or vice versa? Impossible not to think of Scelsi, despite the apparent geographical and cultural distance.

Within the circle – thanks to sound – the community comes together, erasing the differences that normally divide it. A dimension in which each person contributes their own song opens, and the ancestors are invoked to remind society that, in addition to the circle that unites those who inhabit the present, there is also another plane: a circle in the which past, present and future are one, indivisible thing.

A song-prayer for solo violin, a[pu]a begins and ends in the same place.