for percussion trio (2022-2023)

The piece’s title Ambué, the guaraní language word for “other”, alludes to the concept of alterity at two levels: on one side, the work is based mostly on a heterogeneous writing, assigning in each moment a different instrument or a different technique to each percussionist, so as to create an individual identity for each player of the trio. On the other side, the concept of alterity is embodied also at a structural level, through an architecture that presents a strong contrast: on the second section of the piece, the fundamental principle of  heterogeneity of the sonic materials (between the different players) is denied, diverging from the first section of the work through an almost exclusive focus on the sounds produced on the skin of the drums, recalling the interest for color present in other recent works of mine, yet this time through a different approach.

In this way, the eternal dialectics between line and color is evoked, not for the sake of form in itself, but because of a strong phenomenological need.